Truth In The Booth @ Kaotiktrax Studio

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to visit producer Kaotik at his studio here in Dallas for the Truth In The Booth competition, and I must say it was a great experience and not at all what I expected. For one, I’ve never been in a studio before. This may be hard for some to believe being as though I know a lot of artist, but it’s very much true. For some reason I expected it to be a lot more tense. Maybe because of all the negativity I see on a daily basis on Facebook regarding Dallas Underground and some of the beefs here. Plus I know sometimes people can get in their feelings over these competitions. However, the overall vibe I got from everyone there was “we’re here to create, learn, and support” all while sharing some laughs. The fact that some of the artists stayed behind for at least a hour or two after the winner was chosen says a lot. Everyone was networking, playing beats for each other, and bouncing ideas off one another. It was really good to see so much positive energy being passed around.

The beat that was chosen for this weeks Truth In The Booth was Fabolous – Breathe produced by Just Blaze. That beat alone had me excited! Most of the hip hop/rap I like is from artist/producers up North so this was perfect. The winner of the contest receives $100 and sometimes other perks as well. I know usually I go into detail from start to finish, but this time I would rather spotlight each contestant.


The first artist to enter the booth was TripleDSavvy. In my opinion his flow matched the beat a lot more than the others. Kaotik stated in our grouping after announcing the winner that TripleDSavvy could have easily blended well on the song with Fabolous and I couldn’t agree more. His lines that stuck out to me was “Nigga Fiji so we really see thru, watered down like he drowned in the pool. I show my ass, I’m a clown and a fool. But too cool, how I know? Cause I still wouldn’t argue with you”. I also liked how he included something that had to do with breathing (oxygen tank) into his lyrics. He set the tone just right for this competition.

Dallas Dollas

Next up was Dallas Dollas who was a virgin to Truth In The Booth. For a first timer I thought he did good. At first I wasn’t really feeling it, but afterwards finding out that it was his first time it kinda changed my perspective. I imagine that it’s hard to get up in front of people who are a little more seasoned in the competition. After seeing how everything worked he stated that he’d definitely be coming back to win. His line that caught me was “Stand up in the chest, one foot on they neck. Applying pressure every chance I get. I bet I make it hard to (Breathe). Like you niggas can’t share my air, it’s kinda thin when you way up here”

Apollough The Strvnger

Ok so now we have the actual winner Apollough. He came fully prepared for the night with his word play and switch up of flows. It amazes me that this was only his third win. I told him that listening to him I would have thought that he was a veteran at Truth In The Booth. I was impressed by his overall delivery period. It was clean cut, no mess ups, from beginning to end. He seemed so comfortable and confident and that’s how it should be. Go in there like you KNOW you’re going to win! On top of all that he looked like he was having fun in the booth. His lines that stood out to me was “Apollough the stranger, danger. Use the pen to release my anger. In the booth on my worst behavior. Droppin bars on em like a anchor. Cling to em like he need a savior. Base knockin, might wake the neighbor. Tidal wave when I’m kickin flavor. Godspeed when I’m chasin paper.” When he finished the first thing Absolut said was “Man he’s a writer!” YES INDEED!

Lokee The Emcee

Then we had the seven time winner Lokee The Emcee who unexpectedly showed up to compete. The Chicago native had a rough start but he pushed through on the third try. Lokee is known to kill it on the first try, not sure what had him choked up this go round. To his defense he did say that he wrote it on the way to the studio, so maybe he wasn’t as prepared as he usually is. Initially there was question on whether it was 16 bars because that is the requirement, but Kaotik quickly let everyone know that it indeed was. Lokee rapped so fast that he completed his 16 bars quicker than everyone else, so it left us feeling unfulfilled especially with the way he closed his rap. Nonetheless his word play and his speedy flow makes him stand out from the rest. My favorite lines were “Lokee be out runnin everybody on the track like a race. I get the monkey everyday like I was living in the movie Planet Of The Apes. I’m like a shooting star when it come to makin music, in other words I’m outta space. If I put my banana in her split, I bet I can leave her bussin like grapes.” Lokee stated that he plans on going again next Sunday to claim the title back and get back on a winning streak. I can’t wait to see what he has in store.

Mr. Bacc Atit

Just when we thought we were done and on our way to deliberation, one last contestant came running in. His name was Mr. Bacc Atit. His energy in the booth was CRAZY (in a good way). His delivery unfortunately wasn’t the best. You could tell that he had good lyrics but he was going so fast I could only catch bits and pieces of it. Hopefully he’ll be back this Sunday to try again because he was going in.

Again I had a GREAT time at Truth In The Booth this past Sunday and I wouldn’t mind going back again. Special thanks to Absolut for being so welcoming and allowing me to be a guest judge. She’s so cool y’all, so cool. And thanks so much to Kaotik for having me as well. I really love what you guys are doing with Dallas underground artist, giving them platforms to showcase their talent. Truth In The Booth especially helps with keeping them on their toes. That experience I’m sure sharpens their skills, helping them to be ready to go whenever and in front of whoever. Also I want to add that Kaotik and Absolut also have a monthly event called Rage On The Stage where artist can come and compete for money and other prizes. To be apart of these competitions you can contact Absolut via Facebook at I hope you guys enjoyed my review, don’t forget to like and share 🙂 Check out the links below…


Kaotiks Mix Of Truth In The Booth


Lokee The Emcee –



Mr. Bacc Atit –

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