New Section For Music Reviews

Hello Everyone,

I’m excited to announce that I will now be posting music reviews on my blog! I’ve been asked this several times and I’ve always declined but I came up with a great idea today that I think everyone will love.

When an artist wants me to review their music, my friend (who is a producer) and I will record our initial reactions and then go on to critique it and give an overall rating on their music. The ratings for sure will be based on lyrics and beat, but we may add some more categories as well. I wanted to record our reactions because it goes with the theme of my blog of me being raw and very real with my opinion. I will also have a written summary on the post as well.

So artists if you’re interested in having me review your music you can hit me up on my facebook page at or email me at for more info.

Also, artist there will be a small fee involved which depends on whether it’s just one song or a whole album. No more than $50 at this time. Remember this will be our honest opinion so please make it worth our while.

Thanks for following my blog and be sure to share this with someone that you know may be interested. 🙂

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