Platonic Friends…Or Nah?


So there’s this guy that I have a major crush on (that I’m probably spending way too much energy on but that’s neither here nor there) and he has a female best friend. This guy and I talk every now and then, he seems to be interested in me as well, and we follow each other on social media.  I’ve noticed on several occasions his best friend flirting with him which kinda annoys me and it makes me have a raised eyebrow as to whether he’s telling the truth about their friendship. He seems like a genuine guy and the flirting doesn’t seem reciprocated but they both seem to show each other a lot of attention. Some of the flirting is a tad bit sexual and I think people on the outside looking in would have the perception that they are more than friends. She actually posted one of those “this could be us” memes and tagged him in it.


The reason it’s a little hard for me to understand this friendship of theirs is because I have a best friend of the opposite sex as well. I know everyone is different and everyone doesn’t do things the way that I do but my best friend and I don’t flirt with each other AT ALL. And here’s the kicker, we used to date 8 years ago but once we split up we continued to be friends and only that. Never dipped back in it for old times’ sake or said anything out of line to each other. Once I friend zone someone I really mean it. The only thing you’ll get out of me is an occasional casual compliment. Something on the lines of “you look nice today” or “you smell really good”.  Other than that I’m not talking about sexual things with my male friends unless it’s to maybe get advice for someone I’m dating. I won’t even joke around like that. If I do, then that person is actually more than just a friend to me.

The struggle is the fact that this guy and I aren’t really dating, we just like each other. But this friend is a major turn off and makes me not want to pursue anything with him in the future. At the same time I know it’s the internet and some people may say “oh it’s not that serious girl”. Plus, I don’t wanna be the new chick coming in trying to mess up a friendship, so of course I’ve chosen to keep my lips sealed. Some people can also take that as a sign of insecurity, which is not the impression I want to give.

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So readers I wanna ask you, does this sound like someone who is just a friend? Am I reading too much into it? And how do you deal with flirtatious friends?


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4 thoughts on “Platonic Friends…Or Nah?”

  1. Shelly, if you are perceiving something then chances are then something is there between them. No one flirts constantly with a member of the opposite sex unless they have an agenda.

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  2. If I were you. I would sit back and continue checking them out. If he’s really interested, he will pursue you.
    You know if your instincts tell you somethings with them, usually somethings with them.

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